Figure Of Eighty - Tethea ocularis


Wingspan 32-38 mm. This attractive moth adopts a cylindrical posture when at rest, with the wings curled tightly around the body. The white '80' mark on the forewing, from which the moth gets its name, varies in shape and intensity. Fresh specimens often have a violet or purplish tinge to the brownish ground-colour.


It can be found in woodland, parks and gardens

When to see it

May to July.

Life History

It is single-brooded. The larvae feed on Poplar and Aspen.

UK Status

Found fairly frequently in England from Yorkshire southwards. In a recent survey to determine the status of all macro moths in Britain this species was classified as common.

VC55 Status

Still fairly common in Leicestershire and Rutland, although this species may be declining. L&R Moth Group status = A (common and resident)

65.010 BF1654

Leicestershire & Rutland Map

UK Map