Mole Flea - Hystrichopsylla talpae subsp talpae


This is the largest species of flea in Great Britain (3.5 to 5 mm).

Photo ID?

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When to see it

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Life History

Although principally a flea of the Mole it is commonly found on the bodies and in the nests of a number of species of small mammal.

UK Status

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VC55 Status

There are over 40 records for VC55 to 2006. The hosts are: Mole (23), Bank Vole (5), Field Vole (2), Water Vole (1), Wood Mouse (2), Common Shrew (4), Water Shrew (1), Weasel (1), host unknown (1) and pitfall trap (4).

Leicestershire & Rutland Map

UK Map