Phyllonorycter geniculella

Alt Name
Sycamore Midget

Wingspan 8 mm. Another beautiful but tiny species, having a white base colour with rufous, darker-edged chevrons, the first of which often 'extrudes' into the next.

Photo ID?

It can be found resting on the trunks of Sycamore, but being so small can be difficult to find.

When to see it

The moths are on the wing in May and August.

Life History

The larva feeds in a leaf mine in a Sycamore leaf, sometimes causing it to curl at the edge.

UK Status

It is a common species over much of Britain. In the Butterfly Conservation's Microlepidoptera Report 2011 this species was classified as common.

VC55 Status

It appears to be uncommon in Leicestershire and Rutland, where there are few records. L&R Moth Group status = D (rare or rarely recorded).

15.086 BF364

Leicestershire & Rutland Map

UK Map