Snow Flea - Boreus hyemalis

Alt Name
Snow Scorpionfly

It is not a flea, nor as small as a flea (about 4 mm long). This bizarre creature has long legs, vestigial wings and a head with a long, downward projecting beak (which has biting mouthparts at the end).


Mossy places.

When to see it

Unlikely as it sounds, this is an insect that seems to thrive in cold conditions and can be observed hopping about in the snow.

Life History

It lives in moss.

UK Status

Widespread in Britain but uncommon or under recorded.

VC55 Status

This is possibly only the second record for Leicestershire and Rutland, although the species may be under recorded in our area. The first record came from Swithland Wood (28 August 1949).

Leicestershire & Rutland Map

UK Map