Tawny Glass Snail - Euconulus fulvus


This small, conical snail grows to around 3.5mm wide and as the common name suggests it is a tawny brown colour but with a partly transparent shell. The aperture is crescent-shaped and there is no imbilicus. The body of the live snail is pale, distinguishing it from Euconulus alderi which has a dark body.

Similar Species

Euconuls alderi shell is virtually indistinguishable but the live snail has a dark body in contrast to the pale body of E. fulvus.

Photo ID?
ID guidance
  • up to 3.5mm wide
  • conical
  • crescent-shaped aperture
  • pale body

Woodlands, usually in leaf litter or under logs.

When to see it

All year

UK Status

Common and widespread

VC55 Status

Uncommon but probably under-recorded.

Leicestershire & Rutland Map

UK Map