This table shows recorders ordered by the number of records they have contributed to the NatureSpot database and the number of species these records cover. Click on the column headers to order each list, click again to reverse the order.

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Recorder Total no. of species Total no. of records
Carter, Toby148250
Thompson, Peter174242
Banton, Kevin171222
David Stock64222
Heaton, Andrew94206
x, x65180
Conway, Chris146175
Hall, Geoffrey169170
Hollingworth, Jane99160
Morson, Dorothy113155
Ivan Pedley99152
Hamzaoui, Uta131151
Judson, Nigel71149
Rayner, Celia88146
Hayes, John95142
Ruth Dring94142
Jeffery, Richard104140
Thomson, Catherine138138
muddimer, dan69138
John Rowley 2
Out And About 2
Steve Woodward & Helen Ikin 2
Vic Arnold 2
Ecology Consultant Report 2
Charlotte Mills 2
simonsone 2
Michael Lester 2
MartinWoolley 2
Chris Hipkiss 2
thewison 2
G.Mclean 2
Bill Piper 2
Diane Mattley 2
cconway 2
JamieG 2
Lindsi Donovan 2
David Nicholls (photo G.Finch) 2
Steve Harris 2
Mrs Denise Stretton 1
Ryder Hurn 1
Stephen Cranfield 1
Jools Partridge 1
Richard Iliffe 1
Chris Lytthall 1
Martin Wadding 1
Clive Pearson 1
Leslie Cram 1
Matthew Barker 1
Joan Stevens 1
M.Swinfin 1
Michael Lee 1
Andrew Heaton 1
Harry Ball 1
admin 1
Jayne Hepworth 1
R.Lyon 1
Jondaws177 1
Shane Davis 1
Lesley Crowhurst 1
Jimmyb983 1
JaniceClarke 1
Nature in Charnwood 1
HumbleHe 1
Shirley and Norman Bryan-Peach 1
Gareth Burton 1
George Kerr 1
Cee Martin 1