This table shows recorders ordered by the number of records they have contributed to the NatureSpot database and the number of species these records cover. Click on the column headers to order each list, click again to reverse the order.

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Recorder Total no. of species Total no. of records
Turner, Ian6283
Cooper, Mark2779
Clarke, Glyn5478
3, test7274
North, Stephen6173
Neville, Dave5270
Clough, Jerry5768
Taylor, Jeremy4966
Crookes, John6264
Richard Ellison5564
Ashby, Jean4062
Dawn Latkowski2462
Donegan, Anne5459
Mclean, Gillian3458
Stretton, Denise5055
Finch, Graham and Anona5254
Report, Ecology Consultant3154
Taylor, David4553
Canning, Jason4550
Shenton, Dave4450
Margaret Stevens 1
Derek Spicer 1
GavinGamble 1
Jane Hollingworth 1
Lyndsey Pollard 1
Monica Shooter 1
Andy Lear 1
Janet M 1
Chris Hubbard 1