Submitted by AJ Cann on Mon, 26/03/2018 - 08:38

    A number of NatureSpot users have been adding records recently based on the identification of leafmines - usually made by the larvae of micromoths. More...

    A new scheme is now operating dedicated the Agromyzidae family of flies - the larvae of many members of this family are also leafminers. The National Agromyzidae Recording Scheme (organiser Barry Warrington) welcomes all records from this family and the organisers are even happy to take a look at images if you are unsure of identification. If you are interested in recording Agromyzidae you would be well advised to contact Barry – his email address is given at the link above. The scheme produces an informative Newsletter nearly every month which will be sent to you if you make Barry aware of your interest. The latest edition of the Newsletter can be seen here.

    Records added to NatureSpot will automatically reach the scheme via iRecord but by contacting the scheme directly you can ensure that you are kept informed by receiving the latest Newsletters and will also benefit from of the help and expertise that the scheme organisers offer.